June 29, 2022

MP Backs Tax Breaks for UK Games Studios.

via The Telegraph

John Whittingdale, chairman of the culture, media and sport select committee, has backed calls for the video games industry to get tax breaks in the March Budget. The argument is that tax breaks will create new jobs, new companies and stem the flow of skilled programmers from the country.

It is a sad truth that the UK was once home to many fantastic games studios, and of late many haven’t survived. We still have success stories – Rocksteady Studios is the most notable, for their stellar work on Batman: Arkham City, but it is common knowledge that a vast majority of programmers in this arena have left the country for the likes of Canada, Singapore and the United States. John Whittingdale is one of many concerned about this state of affairs.

However, creating the incentives is one thing. The UK has many other issues to deal with however that other countries have been exceeding us at for years; our internet speeds are some of the lowest in the civilised world, the cost of living here is higher than the norm and we also need not just make things easier for people, but more stable; the games industry is notorious nowadays for its unpredictability, and making sure there are enough jobs and the right accommodation and transport links is as big a deal breaker as you’ll find.

It is, of course, a nice idea. But if I’ve learned anything from this Conservative/Liberal Democrat government, is that common sense and good ideas were jettisoned from their agenda a very long time ago. Unemployment is rising faster than it has in two decades, their back to work schemes amount to nothing more than slave labour and the general inability to grasp the countries finances is troubling – far from our national budget deficit decreasing, as we all suffer cuts and setbacks, the deficit is in fact rising!

Politicians simply are a bunch of hacks. And when this good idea gets put forward, I expect it to be ignored, like so many good ideas.

Politics. Ain’t it MARVELLOUS?!


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