September 24, 2021

Nintendo Direct video tomorrow too!

To add extra woo to my Wednesday, Reggie Fils-Aime has teased that via Nintendo Direct, there will be a full presentation tomorrow. For what, and why, is yet to be answered but with the 3DS having hit a sales stride (reaching 5 million units sold in Japan faster than any other console has), the slow and steady death of the Wii this year as the Wii-U hits the market and a generally quiet release schedule for most of the year, we’re expecting a little bit more from this than plain hot air and gloating.

The video presentation begins at 9am EST (2pm GMT). It’ll be interesting to see what they’ve got to show us, and what their plans are for the rest of the year as the Wii is gradually phased out.

Some Wii-U news would certainly make my day even brighter! Woo!


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