July 2, 2022

Nintendo announce new Mario Tennis game, Last Story for US.

Today, Reggie Fils-Aime took to Nintendo Direct to talk about games.

Whilst many of us are eager and chomping at the bit for Wii-U news and previews, Reggie , along with Bill Trinen, at least took the time to deliver a few snippets of good news for the US, and plug a new Mario Tennis game.

The US is about to get Xenoblade Chronicles – a game we’ve been enjoying here in Europe for a while now – and later this year, will get The Last Story (which we get this week in Europe. Yay, we’re special!). This is great news for those who campaigned tirelessly to get these games a US release, and on Xenoblade Chronicles, you sure won’t be disappointed. Amazing game.

And then there was the new Mario Tennis game, made by old Nintendo stalwarts Camelot. This is good news, as Camelot have always done great things for and with Nintendo. It looks slick and polished and of course, is a 3DS title so you can expect 3D specials, action and upskirt shots of Peach. Come on, we all do it.

Along with Dillon’s Rolling Western, for the eShop, clocking at 20 hours of content, this isn’t a bad little line-up for now. It is hardly a massive chunk of news, as many are waiting for news of the new Paper Mario and more, but it is enough for the short term to keep Nintendo gamers sated, at least until E3 rolls in and we get the full impact of Wii-U and 3DS software announcements for the next year.

Not bad. Now the impatient wait for a Vita. Knowing my luck, like my 3DS, it’ll come tomorrow… but that’s delivery services for you. Rarely if ever on-time.


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