November 29, 2021

Game Gear games coming to 3DS Virtual Console.

March 14 is the big day for the old classic Game Gear on Virtual Console, with three titles headed to Japanese 3DS owners. Perhaps not surprisingly, Sega leads the lineup with three games: Sonic (Sonic and Tails 2), Shinobi (GG Shinobi), and Dragon Crystal.

Whilst Sonic and Shinobi are arguably classics, the revival of Dragon Crystal makes me a very happy bunny. Dragon Crystal was a rogue-a-like, a game with a generally minimal story but fast-paced, interesting gameplay, and I am looking forward to seeing how a game that gave me a few sleepless addicted nights twenty years ago almost will have aged.

Of course, I’d prefer a 3DS remake of Dragon Crystal. But I’ll take what I can get in this world, and a port of the original will suffice for now.


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