June 29, 2022

Bulletpoint Newsy Post

Yup, I’m going to limit this one to bullet point, brief news snippets. Just because there’s a fair bit to get through. Let’s see how this works.

  • World of Warcraft has lost another 100,000 subscribers, but remains steady at a consistent 10 million. The rumoured exodus to The Old Republic clearly not doing so well then.
  • Aion’s Free to Play relaunch has been dated as February 28th. Whilst I’ve not had much nice to say about it, for free it’s probably going to do well. But you should still play Champions Online.
  • Blizzard are planning a Free to Play MMO, which probably isn’t World of Warcraft. In other shocking news developments, the sky is blue, politicians are dishonest and Gillian Anderson is still hot.
  • GAME are struggling to stock titles from Ubisoft and Nintendo. They claim it is hard to stock all the new releases – but as a specialist games retailer, that’s not an argument that makes sense.
  • The PS Vita was released, and it’s nice. I have one, I like it and all and yes, it’s very powerful and looks nice. My only one concern is that it feels fragile. Like I need to transport it akin to Hannibal Lecter.
  • Years of Portal Gun envy will soon draw to a close, as NECA Toys teams up with Valve for a range of toys based on the games, including a lifesize replica of the gun. It will cost $130. You’ll still buy it.
  • Pant-browningly scary game Amnesia: The Dark Descent is getting a sequel. Set in the Victorian era, A Machine for Pigs is already sounding like it will ruin the sleep pattern of anyone walking near it.
  • Battlefield 3: Aftershock has been removed from iOS, as EA stated its intention was to deliver quality gaming to the platform and Aftershock wasn’t good enough. Fair enough.
  • Nintendo is negotiating live TV streaming tech for the Wii-U. This is not a surprise, as everyone is doing it these days, but seeing as there was no Wii-U news otherwise, here you go.
  • Sonic 4 Episode 2 has been confirmed for a Spring 2012 release. Now SEGA, we’re respecting you after some very good games but your episodic ideals are a bit too like Valve’s for my liking…
  • And finally, Sony are spinning off the Killzone 3 multiplayer as a free download, with bonus experience and events in the near future. Seems all FPS now are doing this… I wonder why? Down Call of Duty, not now.


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