July 2, 2022

Pokemon Black and White 2 announced,

via Joystiq, the first officially numbered Pokemon games are set to hit the Nintendo DS this June. That is, the old DS, not the 3DS, so yeah, no 3D Pokemon fights just yet.

More details will follow throughout the next few months, but I’m hoping this is a proper sequel. I had this to say about Pokemon Black;

“Whilst it is brave to apply ethics to a story, that Team Plasma blatantly ignore their own ideology is reminiscent of many branches of terrorism in the world today. One assumes this was to be edgy, modern and somewhat dark and mysterious. What it ends up doing is making a lovely game world all the more frustrating and annoying.”

So my one hope is Team Plasma are kicked to the curb, and more emphasis is put on exploration and having fun with your Pokemon. It’s a nice dream…


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