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Anatomy of a Generation Part 1 – The Consoles.

So, let’s begin with the solid evidence that this generation is, by and large, over. It is unlikely, short of annual releases like Call of Duty and Battlefield, that we will see many – if any – major new titles announced for 2013 and beyond as talent, funding and general┬áconsensus┬ámoves us towards the inevitable marching […]

Next Gen – And They’re Off!

Yup, it seems development on next-gen games is now well and truly starting to take hold. Today, both Bethesda SoftWorks and Lionhead Studios have been advertising positions for “next gen” titles openly, suggesting that the research and development stages are well and truly over – now comes the very real march of getting titles out […]

Movies of Games – The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

With The Oscars 2012 running on my TV right now, I figured this would be a good time to think about the awkward arena of movies based on video game franchises. And oh boy, is this one a doozie of a topic to pick. Generally speaking, movies based on video games fall into three catagories […]

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