November 29, 2021

Blizzard shedding 600 jobs.

In these economic times, studios are closing down. GAME looks to be finished, with GameStop hovering around ready to harvest what remains. And now it seems one company that should be in good health is shedding 600 jobs.

Despite the fact World of Warcraft still has over 10 million subscribers, Diablo 3 is set to release in the next couple of months and the mysterious Project Titan still to be unveiled, Blizzard have announced 600 jobs are to be cut, although 90% (that’s 540 jobs for those incapable of math) of those job cuts will not be related to game development – so that means it will likely be customer support jobs, as 200 of those will be lost in Ireland.

This is obviously not the end of the world as Blizzard have thousands of people working for them, but job losses are invariably to cut costs. Blizzard, like so many, have become oversized and bloated in the boom years – and now we’re seeing how unsustainable this growth was.

That said, job losses in a market that doesn’t have enough jobs to go around for everyone is a bad thing. Of course, if the UK government had a growth stimulus package that wasn’t akin to giving oral to big corporations like Tesco and Barclays, this wouldn’t be an issue. But as it stands, rather than encourage banks to lend to small businesses and lower tax and interest on small-term borrowing and increase incentives to set up new businesses, it’s all about the already established names and keeping their profits “healthy”. Which means rather than tax them, it’s everyone else who gets taxed instead.

Irony is, most of these big companies and corporations are having their own internal woes, PR fails and financial concerns. You really, honestly couldn’t make it up if you tried. Politics is really that daft. and I feel compassion and sympathy for anyone who ends up having to look for a job in this market…


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