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The End to justify the means.

Video game endings are important. This isn’t merely about the actual context of the ending either; because to tie up the story, or lay the seeds for a sequel, is par for the course when it comes to writing a script. Whether they are clever and witty like the ending to Prince of Persia: The […]

Viewpoint; The Absolution of Responsibility

I can’t quite believe I can actually make this point through gaming and games in general, but as this is a gaming blog it only seems fair I attempt to do so. I’ll make the political point at the start and be done with it; the current fiscal credit crunch we’re in is as a […]

Assassins Creed 3 confirmed. Setting – American Civil War.

So today the “Box Art” for Assassin’s Creed 3 was leaked before the announcement on Monday 5th. And indeed, the setting this time has jumped forward a couple hundred years to the American Civil War. A lot of people are criticising this, saying that it is tasteless – especially as the 5th March is the […]

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