November 29, 2021

Nintendo 3DS sells twice as many units as DS in first year.

In a characteristic show of defiance in the face of their losses this year, Nintendo have released details of their first years worth of sales for the 3DS in America.

In the first year of sale, the original DS sold 2.3 million units, and alongside software made $540 million. Which is a lot. The 3DS, despite its rocky start, sold 4.5 million units, and alongside software sales made Nintendo in excess of $1.2 billion.

This is perhaps surprising when you consider the shaky, dodgy first batch of sales. Nintendo struggled to push the 3D, as it is extremely hard to advertise, and of course the initial drought of software was perhaps not helping their case. But their price cut, software that people had been asking for alongside big third party hitters like Resident Evil: Revelations have seen then weather the storm, and coming up to their fiscal year reports it is likely Nintendo will be reporting a slightly less drastic batch of losses than they had predicted six months ago.

This is also good news for Sony, who have sold 1.2 million units in the past few months on the PS Vita, as it demonstrates this is a market that HAS grown in popularity. When you think about it, the first year is always the trickiest time – Nintendo sold 2.3 million units in its first year, but overall in seven years Nintendo sold 151 million units. As prices shrink, games are released and brand recognition comes into play, there is every hope Nintendo will do as good if not better – and Sony will have a big slice of the market to boot, and do very well for themselves.

Time will tell, and of course Nintendo has another milestone this year – the Wii-U, their next-gen machine, will hit the markets at least six months before anyone else. This leaves Microsoft and Sony playing catch-up; Microsoft we KNOW has a next-gen machine in the pipeline, but Sony are playing it coy – their financial situation perhaps making it a little harder.

But it’s a good time for Nintendo who can breathe a sigh of relief after a rough year, and focus on their next big venture. E3 will no doubt show a lot more 3DS software, and I look forward to seeing it.

One suggestion Nintendo… Golden Sun. On 3DS. Now. If not sooner, please.


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