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Do Japanese Games Suck?

Oh boy. The man behind upcoming platformer Fez, Phil Fish, certainly put his foot in it today. At a GDC conference unveiling the documentary Indie Game: The Movie, he was asked about the state of Japanese development by an inquisitive guy from the country. And, apparantly, he blurted out this response. “Your games just suck.” Now, I’m […]

New iPad… again.

There is something almost pleasantly comforting about the annual announcement of a new Apple product, and like was predicted a week ago, Apple have surprised us with the announcement of a new iPad! I could scarcely believe it. It is, on the surface, an impressive piece of technology. The new higher-definition screen pumps out a […]

How to win The Clone Wars.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more desperate, at GDC the creators of Super Crate Box, Vlambeer’s Rami Ismail and Jan Nijman, warned of the consequences of not tackling the very real threat of game cloning. The two have a right to be annoyed – their 2010 effort Radical Fishing was allegedly (emphasis there for […]

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