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PSN Network Hacking – Happy First Anniversary!

Happy first anniversary to the PSN Hacking fiasco, how we laughed, cried, shouted and screamed. You know, Sony could have come forward and talked about it and what they learned from it, but instead – like Sony always do – it seems they’re burying their heads in the sand. They mustn’t forget and neither should […]

The PS3. Or a bit of it, anyway.

The Problem with Sony….

So, after all this months troubles at Sony, do I think they’ve got a grasp on their problems? No. Let me start by saying like most people, I grew up with Sony. It was the luxury brand, innovative and reliable and daring. The Sony Walkman was an amazing revelation at the time, in the mid […]

Legend of Grimrock

KOG Quickie – Legend of Grimrock (PC)

Grimrock is a brilliant throwback to Eye of the Beholder, and yet despite its retro appeal, it’s a modern and refined dungeon crawler with a lot of charm and wit. A superb and highly polished indie offering with visuals to rival the best FPS games.

Nintendo – their best and worst day.

Nintendo had an unusual kind of day, both superb and exciting and yet historically, one of their lowest points too. So let’s get the good bits out of the way. 17.13 million 3DS consoles have now been sold worldwide. This figure covers all sales up to the end of March 2012, the fiscal year end, and […]

STALKER 2 is dead… or is it?

With GSC in the last throes of death, many of the developers who worked on the sequel to the critically acclaimed STALKER series have gone off to found a new studio, Vostok Games. And that with them, they are creating an online MMO game called Survarium – loosely based on all they worked on on […]

Vita still struggling in Japan.

In not at all surprising news, the Sony PS Vita has once again failed to set the Japanese retail world alight, whereas the Nintendo 3DS has flown off the shelves comparatively. As reported by Andriasang, 3DS sales rose significantly from last week to 84,760 (from 63,796) whereas PS Vita sales fell once again to 8,206 (from 8,250). […]

The Sinclair ZX Spectrum – Happy 30th Birthday!

A new machine prepares to hit the market, and there is no guarantee of success. With higher resolution graphics, a more streamlined setup making creating software easier and sharper, crisper sound, the market braces itself for a new generation of technology that will either change the world, or sink without trace. It’s strange in saying […]

KOG Quickie – Dark Souls

Where Castlevania failed, From Software succeeded – Metroidvania in 3D. Tough but fair, and visually stunning in every regard, this game is as deep and wide as you make it, and feels like a real adventure. A sensational title that will be hailed as one of the finest games released this generation.

Expensive Additions.

You may have heard a little about the mother suing Facebook for breaking her states law against online currency transactions. This is not merely an issue however with Facebook – Apple have fallen foul of this too, with children racking up huge bills on seemingly innocuous games, and the whole MMO genre is slowly seeing […]

On that “Free Old Republic” Thing…

I’ve seen a lot of complaints about it. But y’know, I actually don’t think giving away some free time is terribly bad. But it raises some troubling points. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to immediately change my tune and praise the game here. I am still firmly of the belief that The Old […]

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