July 2, 2022

Vita still struggling in Japan.

In not at all surprising news, the Sony PS Vita has once again failed to set the Japanese retail world alight, whereas the Nintendo 3DS has flown off the shelves comparatively.

As reported by Andriasang, 3DS sales rose significantly from last week to 84,760 (from 63,796) whereas PS Vita sales fell once again to 8,206 (from 8,250).

You may think at least the sales are consistent. But the PSP managed 11,779 sales this week. Admittedly down on last week, but still some way ahead of the Vita.

Fact here is the Vita sold about 9.68% of the total number of 3DS sales. And considering the financial situation Sony have been in for some time, this has disaster written all over it. They need to “relaunch” the Vita, and fast.

Otherwise, Sony are going to suffer badly.


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