October 24, 2021

Nintendo – their best and worst day.

Nintendo had an unusual kind of day, both superb and exciting and yet historically, one of their lowest points too.

So let’s get the good bits out of the way. 17.13 million 3DS consoles have now been sold worldwide. This figure covers all sales up to the end of March 2012, the fiscal year end, and it is now known that Nintendo aim to hit full profitability with the 3DS by… August. Yup, even with the hit on the price last year, come August, Nintendo will once more be making money on each unit sold.

Wii sales were up another million units too, despite inevitable market saturation, and software sales all round were healthy.

The bad news is though that, as predicted, Nintendo made their first ever annual loss. 43.2 billion yen – roughly £330 million – blamed mostly on unforeseen circumstances, like the crisis Japan suffered in 2011, the weak yen versus the dollar and pound and general international financial gloom.

The silver lining there is that despite the loss, it was smaller than the one they predicted they would make of 65 billion yen (£535 million). And Nintendo are confident that with the Wii U coming, an E3 reveal and very strong 3DS sales versus the competition, 2012-2013 will see them make a profit.

They probably will too. Underestimate Nintendo at your peril. If I had a pound for each time someone has told me Nintendo were doomed, I’d have my own house and flash car by now…


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