July 2, 2022

PSN Network Hacking – Happy First Anniversary!

Happy first anniversary to the PSN Hacking fiasco, how we laughed, cried, shouted and screamed.

You know, Sony could have come forward and talked about it and what they learned from it, but instead – like Sony always do – it seems they’re burying their heads in the sand.

They mustn’t forget and neither should we. Millions of account details were breached over multiple hacks, and Sony were ill-prepared for it. It’s a modern scenario that demonstrates why internet security is so important, and why encrypting data efficiently and effectively is crucial to success.

Sony got so lucky. Beyond lucky. Somehow they’ve ridden the storm again and come out the other end, but unlike the PS3 PR issues, this one leaves a near $200 million bill on their account sheet.

That will hurt. But it is the price they had to pay for being complacent.


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