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Yup, it’s official – the case is over. The terms and amounts of the settlement are being kept “confidential” (for now at least) but it marks the end of the Infinity Ward Saga, one which began after the two leads on Modern Warfare 2 were fired for insubordination. Jason West and Vincent Zampella were seeking $36 million […]



My favourite game this generation gets an expansion, a game is developed to help stroke patients regain basic motor skills, Japan makes its first video game piracy arrest under new laws and the new Hitman trailer rubs up the conservative crowd like the good old bad old days of video games. Daily Roundup, Transform!

I used to be an adventurer, until I took an Error 37 to the Diablo 3...


The revenge of the Error 37, Sony set to acquire a Cloud Gaming service and then state they have no intention of abandoning discs for their next-gen effort, Epic claim victory over Silicon Knights in their long-running dispute and Don’t Speak! No Doubt set to take on Activision! Welcome to the daily roundup!

Who's a pretty boy then?

Why I Hate Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

I’ve tried. I’ve tried so very, very hard. But whatever I do, however I see it, in whatever light and whatever mood, Lords of Shadow can only serve to sour my mood and make me froth at the mouth. But others seem to like it, and like it a lot. Time for me to state […]

Last Light - Not for Wii-U?

The Daily Roundup – Tuesday 29th May 2012

THQ disappoint Wii-U fans by raising doubts over one of their biggest titles, Sony unveil a new shiny PSP unit – that’s the old PSP, not the Vita – and Rockstar claim they won’t be at E3 after all. After a relatively slow news day, here’s a briefer than expected daily roundup of the news […]

KOG Quickie – Dragon’s Dogma

Capcom’s attempt to join in the whole Dragon-based RPG fad is a blend of tactical, action and traditional RPG, and whilst it has the charm and the visual splendour, it lacks the technical sophistication of tactical RPGs through its Pawns System. Better than it has the right to be, it’s a decent attempt with some […]

E3 Logo

E3 2012 – My Predictions and Hopes

With E3 a week away, it’s that time of year that any self-respecting gaming nerd blog inflates its own self-important ego and makes some predictions about what the event will offer, as well as some off-the-cuff hopes and remarks about what we’d LIKE to see. KOG, unfortunately, is not immune to this I’m afraid…

This is not the UN Logo you're looking for...

The Daily Roundup – Monday 28th May 2012

It’s that time of year we start getting excited for E3 (except Square-Enix, it would seem), Capcom registers a trademark with the same name as a Robert Pattinson film and following the ITV Arma 2 footage thing, the BBC decides anything ITV can do, it can do so much better. Yup, it’s the Daily Roundup!

Collectors/Limited/Complete Editions Are A Waste Of Money.

We all like to feel we are supporting the developers when we buy a Limited Edition, or a Collectors or Complete/Game of the Year Edition, with all the extra trimmings. But something has dawned on me after all this time – most, if not all, of them are a complete waste of time and, importantly, […]

Art and Money - In an ideal world.

Grounds for Divorce – Creativity vs Money

The games industry is always an interesting thing to look at. Games rise and games fall, as do studios and developers, juggling a need to create, intrigue and entertain alongside basic financial business sense and the need to make money. But since the two are not usual bedfellows, how serious is this conflict of interest?

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