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Catching up on Quickies!

So with the site more or less stable, it’s time to turn my attention to the piles of reviews I simply haven’t been bothered to publish online this year. So what am I to do? Put in the effort? Edit and replay all the games to make sure I got it right? Hell no. I […]

KOG Quickie – Ninja Gaiden 3

Those expecting a challenge will be disappointed. Ninja Gaiden 3 is no more than a gentle, relaxing and simplified hack and slash gorefest that at heart bears no resemblance to its forefathers. This makes it accessible for newcomers – but ultimately, will turn off its large original fanbase.

Rarr... groaaan... oooh, boobies...

KOG Quickie – Resident Evil: Revelations

Revelations is a return to form for Resident Evil, a game that plays its comicly camp stylings straight but knowingly, and still delivers frights on a portable machine. Great single player, but the Raid Mode is the star of the show and will stretch this game over many months. Recommended.

London's burning! It's 2011 all over again...

KOG Quickie – Mass Effect 3

Sadly not the climactic finale we were all hoping for. Decent enough ideas and execution carry what is ostensibly a rushed, confusing and shallow trip through a pre-defined universe. The ending isn’t bad, but is a massive plot hole in itself. A troubled end to what seemed such a promising series.

Unrealistic Expectations

Everyone has expectations, and some of us are more realistic than others. I’m not going to get to date Cameron Diaz, I’m not going to win the lottery and despite all protestations, I’m actually quite lucid. Which might be why 38 Studios expecting Kingdoms of Amalur to sell 3 million units makes absolutely no sense…

Amalur - Pretty, But Expensive.

Kingdoms of Amalur “Needed 3 Million Sales to Break Even”

Kingdoms of Amalur, it seems, was not enough to keep embattled developer 38 Studios afloat. It has surfaced that the game needed to sell 3 million copies just to break even despite critical acclaim, and 1.22 million sales. Whilst sad, 3 million units for a game is living in a fantasy land…

Blue Eyed Boy!

KOG Quickie – Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

ORC doesn’t really work as a Survival Horror, or a single player experience. But of course, that wasn’t the intention – when you take ORC online, and get together with others, the whole game makes a bit more sense. It is still not brilliant, mind, but for those wanting a true multiplayer Resi title, this […]

Facebook - Naughty Naughty!

Stocks, Facebook And Greed

Mere days after Facebook shares went live, it finds itself embroiled in a messy legal spat over its tumbling value. In an era where money is scarce, was this always something that was going to turn out to be too good to be true? And how did it come to this when the road is […]

The Summer Drought

It’s hotter in the UK than in the Med, we have the Olympic Games, the Queen has her diamond jubilee and Euro 2012 as well. It’s a packed summer… and unfortunately, that means that most developers are a little shy about releasing games for those of us who prefer not to get sunburn…

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