January 23, 2022

Catching up on Quickies!

So with the site more or less stable, it’s time to turn my attention to the piles of reviews I simply haven’t been bothered to publish online this year. So what am I to do? Put in the effort? Edit and replay all the games to make sure I got it right? Hell no. I do what any good guy does… I cheat!

Perhaps cheat is the wrong word.

I love writing reviews but considering everything else I write, it’s time consuming work. If only I had a device, a gimmick, a method of doing this without having to type 5000 words on why I love or hate a game…

Oh wait, I do! KOG Quickies!

So yeah, KOG Quickies will be the reviews portion of this website from now on. Actually, I think this is rather good, because I always liked the idea of being quick and snappy with reviews. When I am asked if a game is worth playing, I don’t spend ten minutes arguing the toss about it – I say yes, or I say no.  Or I say “maybe”. KOG Quickies just allow me and indeed, force me to be direct and informative without getting bogged down in details.

This means the next few days I am going back through my reviews and condensing as many of them down as possible to fit into the KOG Quickies section of this site. And I think that’s kind of brilliant, actually, because it makes me think more about games I have played and whether or not I have enjoyed the year so far. I may even do a mid-year round up a la Mark Kermode again, to remind myself of these facts.

And it means there will be a lot more content, a lot faster. It’s hard to keep up with the industry at times on your own, especially when you’re blogging solo. This isn’t just for me though… surely all we want to know in a review is this; is it worth playing or not?

Now, in 60 words or less, I’ll be giving you the short blurb version. Hope you enjoy it!


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