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Collectors/Limited/Complete Editions Are A Waste Of Money.

We all like to feel we are supporting the developers when we buy a Limited Edition, or a Collectors or Complete/Game of the Year Edition, with all the extra trimmings. But something has dawned on me after all this time – most, if not all, of them are a complete waste of time and, importantly, […]

Art and Money - In an ideal world.

Grounds for Divorce – Creativity vs Money

The games industry is always an interesting thing to look at. Games rise and games fall, as do studios and developers, juggling a need to create, intrigue and entertain alongside basic financial business sense and the need to make money. But since the two are not usual bedfellows, how serious is this conflict of interest?


The Week In 5 – 20th-26th May 2012

Diablo 3 hacking. The potential ban on new X-Box 360 sales. The death of 38 Studios. Facebook shares take a book to the face. And Sony patent a brand new way to potentially ruin your day. Yup, introducing the news stories that have caught my eye this week. Let’s see if I can pull this […]

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