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The Daily Roundup – Monday 28th May 2012

It’s that time of year we start getting excited for E3 (except Square-Enix, it would seem), Capcom registers a trademark with the same name as a Robert Pattinson film and following the ITV Arma 2 footage thing, the BBC decides anything ITV can do, it can do so much better. Yup, it’s the Daily Roundup!


  • The BBC, perhaps in a nod to ITV last year or perhaps totally by accident, broadcast the Halo UNSC logo during a live news broadcast under the illusion it was the logo for the current United Nations efforts. Of course, Sophie Rayworth delivered a straight and serious introduction to a heavy report suggesting the United Nations wasn’t doing enough to help in Syria. See, you CAN have serious current affairs news and gaming co-exist! Although I, perhaps, wouldn’t have been able to keep a straight face… (via Hey U Guys)
  • Capcom register a new trademark for a game, currently submitted as “Remember Me”. Now, this is a pretty generic term but there was a song called Remember Me a few years ago, and a pretty average movie with that name starring everyone’s favourite sparkly vampire actor, Robert Pattinson in 2010. Unless Capcom are making a game out of that romcom. Oh dear. Note the IMDB link is to a page with images of Robert Pattinson and I can’t be responsible to harm, injury or death when exposed to those images. (via Eurogamer)
  • Google is under fire once more in the UK, for apparently knowing that the software it used in its Google Maps imaging cars was also capable of capturing, tracing and storing the mobile and online data of people in the vicinity of the vehicle. With close ties to the UK Government, amid reports of secret meetings, it would appear that the Google mantra of “Don’t Do Evil” is slowly being corrupted and changed from within to actually do a lot of evil. But they blew the lid on this themselves because it was a mistake. I believe them. Ahem. (via The Independent)
  • Remember Final Fantasy XIV? Yeah, remember how they promised by the end of the year to have a PS3 version out AND make the game a million times better? I do. And whilst the clock is ticking ever slower to that inevitable moment (which likely won’t happen without a delay!), Square Enix themselves officially confirmed that there will be no showing of the new and improved version of the game at E3. Which, when you consider it’s the biggest consumer electronics and games show in the world, is rather silly really. (via Square Enix)
  • Embattled gaming publisher THQ is proposing a Reverse Stock Split to avoid being booted off the NASDAQ trade index. Under the current rules, if a company cannot raise its share price above a dollar for a set period of time, it can face being delisted (effectively cutting off a potential finding lifeline). THQ shares are currently trading for 61 cents a share, and comes off the back of THQ making a reported fiscal loss of $239.9 million for the year ending March 31st, 2012. Good luck THQ. Seems you’ll need it! (via Joystiq)
  • And finally for today, I will report my long-running EG feud with Michael Pahcter has cooled somewhat, on the grounds that today he joined the millions of gamers who are pointing out the blindingly obvious – that a lot of DLC is pure greed. Welcome, Mr Pachter, to our world. A world where we can see the truth without being blinded by dollar signs of wisps of smoke being blown up our spelunking caverns. Although I still say DLC isn’t the problem – Day One DLC is the problem. And we need to stop encouraging it. (via CVG)

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