November 29, 2021
Last Light - Not for Wii-U?

The Daily Roundup – Tuesday 29th May 2012

THQ disappoint Wii-U fans by raising doubts over one of their biggest titles, Sony unveil a new shiny PSP unit – that’s the old PSP, not the Vita – and Rockstar claim they won’t be at E3 after all. After a relatively slow news day, here’s a briefer than expected daily roundup of the news from today.


  • Big news is THQ have stated that there is no current plan – or rush – to get their highly anticipated sequel Metro: Last Light out for the Wii-U. This is in spite of it appearing very often in promotional teasers for Nintendo’s brand new console. Many have claimed this may be more evidence of a shortage of cash at THQ, but considering how big the Wii-U release is going to be, not releasing a game you’ve been promising for the best part of a year doesn’t bode well for them. (via Joystiq)
  • Rockstar was expected to tease the hotly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 5 at E3, but today those hopes were dashed as it was officially confirmed that the development studio would not bee in attendance at E3. Of course, it could still be teased by one of the three major companies in their conferences – but sad to say, all those waiting for a new city to trash with exotic cars and questionable hookers will have to wait for another day. Oh well. C’est la vie. (via CVG)
  • Sony have unveiled a new budget PSP. The PSP E-100 is white, comes with full UMD support, and is expected to cost £89.99 at retail. So what’s the catch? Well, for this price you’ll be sacrificing a fair chunk of the PSP connectivity that was the cornerstone of the whole PSP design – it currently is being branded as “deliberately obtuse” and at worst, “a waste of money which could have been spent on the Vita”. Can’t argue with that last one. The Vita certainly needs a lot more love. (via Eurogamer)
  • Rovio demonstrate how to capitalise and add value to an already-existing brand as an Angry Birds theme park is set to be opened in Nottingham. Now, I may not be a lover of Angry Birds but I can’t help but admire and be blown away by how Rovio has managed to get so much value into what is, ostensibly, quite a simple little app game that wasn’t entirely new or daring anyway. Of course, it could all go horribly wrong – just don’t throw the birds that split into three at the rides… (via The Telegraph)
  • And finally for tonight, David Cage has stated that he and his team are still deeply unhappy about the state of Heavy Rain. It is actually a pleasure to see someone being quite honest about it, because we all sort of already knew just from playing Heavy Rain that it was a high-brow concept that felt rushed and slightly unloved. They should be proud of it though, because it was a fantastic concept – and we really do need to see games attempt these sorts of things! (via Beefjack)

Note that an up-to-the-minute RSS news ticker is found in the sidebar. The Daily Roundup is a selection of the news stories I’ve found interesting today, and you are more than welcome to suggest your own in the comments section below.


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