October 25, 2021
I used to be an adventurer, until I took an Error 37 to the Diablo 3...


The revenge of the Error 37, Sony set to acquire a Cloud Gaming service and then state they have no intention of abandoning discs for their next-gen effort, Epic claim victory over Silicon Knights in their long-running dispute and Don’t Speak! No Doubt set to take on Activision! Welcome to the daily roundup!

  • Diablo 3 has reverted after an essential patch to its bad old ways of Error 37! Reports flooded in that due to the patch, that login servers were overloaded resulting in the now infamous Error 37 message for a very large portion of players. So how’s that always on internet DRM working out for you Blizzard? Needing people to be online yes? Stop people cheating in your game yes? Maybe make it harder for people to hack the game and steal peoples money and items yes? Nah, I’m sure it’ll be fine in the end… (via VG 24/7)
  • Sony have reportedly been in talks with cloud gaming services OnLive and Gaikai and it is now being said that a deal is very close between Sony and one of these services. This deal, we are led to believe, is not a small licencing deal – it’s a full acquisition and Sony will assimilate all rights and titles associated with it. Which is great news for Sony and the lucky party I guess, Cloud Gaming is clearly going to be the future if it isn’t quite the now. However, with that being said… (via MCV)
  • … in totally unrelated Sony news, they have confirmed that their next-generation console – let’s face facts, it’s the PS4 and we all know it – is itself not entirely ready to go disc-free. It was reported that Sony had considered a totally disc-free solution, but I suppose last years PSN fiasco put paid to that one. Whilst their new machine will have a disc drive, it is not yet clear if it will be blu-ray or even if this new system will have any backwards compatibility with PS3 games. E3 chatter, anyone? (via The Consumerist)
  • Tying up their long-running dispute, a judge has found overwhelmingly in favour of Epic Games in their protracted and expensive legal tussle with Silicon Knights. The original accusation was that Epic did not provide support promised and paid for by Silicon Knights, but were unable to prove anything and delayed proceedings, ending up with them being told their lengthy case could only see a maximum payout of a dollar. Of course, now that number has dropped to zero. Epic Win! Sorry. That was in poor taste. (via Eurogamer)
  • And Don’t Speak! Activision have been told that they must face their day in court with pop-rock group No Doubt, who have accused them of mishandling their in-game likensses. Guess they weren’t On The Ball with this one, Gwen Stwefani and co. are going to attempt to make them Squeal like the piggies they are. Happy Now, Activision? You could have had a Brand New Day, but in this case it appears that Ms. Stefani, being Just A Girl, is tired of being treated like a Doormat. Get a load of my music epeen! (via Washington Post)
  • And beloved developer CD Projeckt has unveiled its brand new RPG – a sci-fi title based upon the classic pen and paper RPG, Cyberpunk. Details may still be a little sketchy, but it’s the guys behind The Witcher and The Witcher 2, with a great old licence, making a proper sci-fi inspired RPG. “Shut Up and Take My Money!” doesn’t quite cover this one for me. Perhaps if I put my credit card in the disc drive, do you think that may work? No? Crud. I really already want this game… (via WebProNews)
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