November 29, 2021


Yup, it’s official – the case is over. The terms and amounts of the settlement are being kept “confidential” (for now at least) but it marks the end of the Infinity Ward Saga, one which began after the two leads on Modern Warfare 2 were fired for insubordination. Jason West and Vincent Zampella were seeking $36 million (23.3 million pounds) in unpaid wages, damages and royalty payments. This was recently bumped up to $1 billion, and it seemed as though West and Zampella had a very strong case. Which may be why Activision chose to settle. (via Reuters)

Of course, this also seemed inevitable. Activision dropped its case against EA, and then paid a settlement to other Infinity Ward employees over unpaid wages and royalties. This case painted Activision in an extremely poor light, and has widely led to criticism of their business ethics and practices. By settling the case, they may have hoped to avoid too much legal bloodshed. After all, No Doubt that Gwen Stefani will have something to say about it in a few weeks time…


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