June 29, 2022


My favourite game this generation gets an expansion, a game is developed to help stroke patients regain basic motor skills, Japan makes its first video game piracy arrest under new laws and the new Hitman trailer rubs up the conservative crowd like the good old bad old days of video games. Daily Roundup, Transform!


  • I love Dark Souls. I love it deeply. And now, aside the PC “Prepare to Die” edition is an expansion pack for the rest of us on the X-Box 360 and PS3.  Artorias of the Abyss is its name, and that will ring bells with the fans and totally confuse everyone else – let’s just say new areas, new enemies, new items, new weapons and brand new ways to die and/or be eaten. I would ordinarily complain about DLC when the PC version gets it free of charge but you know… for all the joy I’ve had, I’ll let this one slide. (via Eurogamer)
  • You’d be forgiven for thinking people were slacking off if I said that Newcastle University has made a game, but wait! Hold that judgement because this game is designed to help those who have suffered motor loss from strokes to regain some control, movement and feeling back into their limbs. Based on s simple circus theme, the game engages the attention and the Wii-style remote controller helps them to gently exercise and strengthen muscles and tissues often left weak from the bleed. Science and games in perfect harmony. Marvelous! (via PSFK)
  • Japan made its first arrest of its kind based on new laws, it has transpired. After an amendment to the Unfair Competition Act, it is now illegal to sell devices designed specifically to circumvent firmware or security controls like region locks. And of course, the first case involves Nintendo – over breaches of its Nintendo DS firmware. Of course, Majikon who make it state it is meant to allow the play of homebrew, but really, we know that it is used to play pirated games. That said, in a country with a conviction rate of 99.7%, wouldn’t want to be in their shoes right now… (via BBC News)
  • The new Hitman trailer went out and about today and managed to offend just about every conservative sort going it would seem. A violent, bloody game, Hitman has never been shy about its violence but the latest trailer was quite shocking even by normal standards – killing PVC clad nuns in bloody vengeance always goes down well. Most argue this isn’t necessary and I sort of agree – sometimes it’s there to essentially sell a game on controversy, so when a trailer is specifically tailored to wind people up – I start getting wary that it’ll end up being rubbish. (via The Daily Mirror)

And some breaking news. Getting its own post.

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