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Everybody! Everybody! (I've waited a year to do this joke, shut up!)

Broader Appeal Is B*****ks.

Wait, can I do that? Can I actually censor that word enough there? Eh. There has been plenty of talk from the industry that games need a “broader appeal”, and whilst this may be true, I don’t agree that has to mean games themselves need broader appeal – just widen the scope of games on […]

Mass Effect 3 - This is where it ends...

Loose Ends

So most of us have seen the new Mass Effect 3 “Extended Cut” endings. And they’re… well, they’re still not brilliant, let’s be honest about that. But they raise an interesting point in their unusual finality – there can’t be another Mass Effect sequel as a result. Intentional or accidental? You decide. Here’s my thoughts.

3D Glasses - Thankfully, also not the future.

3D Is Not The Future.

That might be a bold sentiment to use for an opinion title but what they hey. Trouble has been brewing for years in the 3D market and now movies are trying to force it into dominance, to make it mass-market. But ultimately, they’ve missed the point – Stereoscopic 3D cannot be the future. Here’s why.

The 3DS XL screen. Apparently, size DOES matter.

Nintendo 3DS XL – Thoughts and Concerns

I don’t want people to think I’m a raging Nintendo fanboy, I just feel they sometimes get a lot of stick for actually trying some good new ideas because we’re meant to hate them. The Nintendo 3DS XL reveal, however, I feel might be that moment I can pick on Nintendo for actually doing something […]

Copycat is Judging You!

Will the Clone Wars soon be over?

Yesterday saw a small but significant victory in the ongoing fight against game cloning – and this victory was by none other than Tetris Holdings. Yes, a game that I thought was the poster child for game cloning successfully won a case against Mino. Is this a significant challenge to the practice of cloning games?

Skeptical Hippo is Skeptical.

Skepticism of the Next Generation.

In a stark contrast to Take Two’s CEO Strauss Zelnick, who has stated he is skeptical of the Wii U but not of the next gen by Microsoft and Sony, I’d say that whoever you are and whatever position you work in the industry, we should always be skeptical of what a next-gen brings to the […]

Broadband WHOA!

MMOs – Breaking and Resting.

The end has come for most guilds in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm and now begins the painful wait for news of when the expansion will be released. There are people even complaining it is taking so long – but here’s a thought. Why not… play another MMO for a few weeks instead? You never know, […]

This really could do with context, right?

Lollipop Chainsaw

As a sort of rounding off of this weeks hot potato, here’s a game about a teenage cheerleader zombie hunter. It’s crass, crude and wonderfully silly – but the combat is shallow and the stages are often far too long. It’s a hell of a sugar rush but like a lollipop, not very substantial and […]

Yes, the slider is broken.

The recent WordPress update has broken my lovely lovely slider! Noooooo! I’ve tried the hack job on the code and it didn’t work, so I’m waiting on the actual theme update and then it should all be awesome and work. I’ll make sure it’s fixed as soon as the update becomes available for me to do […]

Young Lara - she's so sweet! Like my little sister was at 16. D'aww.

Oh Games Industry, Do Grow Up!

We’re bombarded with 18-rated games, bloodthirsty carnage and boundary-pushing storylines. Even Ron Rosenburg tried to suggest Lara would be sexually assaulted in the next Tomb Raider. Brew all this together with bad language, hard rock and hip-hop and what do you have? Mature Gaming? Don’t make me laugh.

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