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The Daily Roundup – Friday 1st June 2012. E3 Announcements Special.

The E3 Countdown begins, with a raft of games being lined up for show including Gears of War, Castlevania, Ni No Kuni and others. Well, with the Activision/Infinity Ward saga closed and E3 due to begin on Monday, the news has been kinda dominated today. Soooo… let’s get this train wreck a-rollin’!

I love to hate on this, don't I?

Not The Whole Story

Video games enjoy a healthy cross-pollination with other media types like comics, novels, movies and TV shows. But when the story for a game is split across all these mediums, shouldn’t we all feel a little cheated that we’re being asked to pay more for a story we’ve already paid to be told? Warning; may […]

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