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Ubisoft Media Presentation

Amidst the filthy jokes at UbiSoft’s conference, it was a pretty scattershot affair until their final big reveal. But what stood out during the hour? Well, after the jump we’ll talk eSports, Wii-U and a brand new IP that had me itching to play right there and then, oh, and Assassins Creed 3. Yummy!

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EA 2012 Media Conference

Presented by a guy who looked and sounded like a Sith Overlord, the stench of The Old Republic hung in the air going into the EA conference. EA have some of the industries biggest franchises and studios – but did they come good? Let’s run through the highlights of the EA show!

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E3 Begins – Microsoft Global Media Presentation

So, the Microsoft E3 Conference is over. And aside a lot of connectivity rubbish and emphasis on bringing media together, what were the biggest game reveals during the hour or so we had in their company? Well, after the jump, let’s run through some of them, shall we? Seems like the thing to do…

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