July 2, 2022
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EA 2012 Media Conference

Presented by a guy who looked and sounded like a Sith Overlord, the stench of The Old Republic hung in the air going into the EA conference. EA have some of the industries biggest franchises and studios – but did they come good? Let’s run through the highlights of the EA show!


Dead Space 3
Dead Space 3 continues the story of Isaac Clarke and now he has a new potty-mouthed co-op partner; John Carver. It looks and sounds like Dead Space, it’s not quite as dark or gritty as it used to be but the emphasis on co-op and interaction should serve it well when it comes out next year.

Sim City/Sim City Social
Sim City Social is a new Facebook variation on the classic Sim City; with more emphasis on fun and jollity than before. Sim City, getting a reboot for the PC, will see deeper customisation and options as well as the chance to take your city online, and have others attempt to ruin it for you. Yay. What fun.

EA Sports
EA has several sports games coming out, but the big emphasis here was on linking them all up with sequels and offshoots, via your tablet, smartphone or social media outlets. Be that FIFA, NHL, NFL or NBA, the progression system will let you start new seasons as strong – or badly – as you finished the last.

Battlefield 3 Premium
The worst kept secret at E3 so far, Premium brings to Battlefield five new expansion pack variations, new weapons, decals, outfits and vehicles, as well as the chance to join leaderboards and clans. It’s a direct rival to the Call of Duty Elite service, and it will be very interesting to see how they square off over the next year.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter
With missions based on real-world events and situations, with clan-based matches and PvP based on different military units from across the globe, with a souped-up engine and a lot more toys to play with, Warfighter is a classy looking game that will appeal to its main fanbase.

Need for Speed
It’s Need for Speed. What more do I have to say here? It’s pretty, has lots of cars and looks fast. I can’t really flesh this out any more than that, if you like this sort of thing then congratulations, you’re going to get a whole lot more of it. If you don’t, nothing to see here.

Crysis 3
And the one we were all waiting for, Crysis 3 looks, sounds and feels utterly divine in every way. There’s something to be said for a game when the people you’re talking to about it also want to give it a go, and for that, I think Crytek are onto a real winner with this – if they can fix the shonky animations we saw…


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