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E3 2012 – All Sparklers, No Fireworks

E3 is an event like no other – a place to showcase the latest, the greatest, to demo and explore the very nature and concepts of video games and gaming in general. So why did it feel that this year the games had taken a back seat to buzzwords and hyperbole? Let’s talk about it, […]

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Nintendo E3 Press Conference

Well, the Nintendo Press Conference is over but it leaves more questions than it really answers – which is not surprising for Nintendo. With more to be shown later on, what were the highlights of a conference that was supposed to be “all about the games”? More on this stuff after the jump! E3 complaining […]

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That’s it from Day One of E3!

That’s it from Day One of the big conferences. I know Konami had theirs over the weekend but after a grueling day of watching media presentations, this is the moment I simply need to go to bed and recuperate before Nintendo get on with their big stuff tomorrow. Sleep well.

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Sony Media Event

Well, with no major mishaps this year (except the low Vita sales, which they deftly avoided), it seemed like Sony could breathe easy this time around, but what new games did they show off during the ninety minutes we spent in the company of Jack Tretton? One final rundown for today, after the jump…

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