January 23, 2022
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Nintendo E3 Press Conference

Well, the Nintendo Press Conference is over but it leaves more questions than it really answers – which is not surprising for Nintendo. With more to be shown later on, what were the highlights of a conference that was supposed to be “all about the games”? More on this stuff after the jump! E3 complaining mode, transform!


Nintendo are usually the kings of E3, all style and show. Which made this years E3 something of a disappointment, with only a bare minimum of premium Nintendo content on offer. What we saw was interesting, but really, weren’t we expecting more? Here’s the best of what they did show;

Zombi-U was the real star of the E3 show – a personal, dark zombie survival game. There are no lives, second chances or super modes – this is you, one chance and one life. Get bitten and it’s all over. Told in an interesting first-person perspective, it shone all the brighter for it being a really grown-up looking game.

It’s a new Wii Super Mario platformer, in HD. Slick, sharp and stylish with echoes of classic Mario power ups and scenarios, it’s a lovely looking title but perhaps, as a slight criticism, not the best way to show off the Wii-U a few months before its release? Think we were expecting a new 3D Mario.

It’s been a long time coming, but to open up proceedings was Pikmin 3 – a brand new trip into the beautiful puzzle and exploration genre that Pikmin more or less dominated when it was first released. More gathering, more Pikmin types and all in full, glorious HD – do want this game quite a bit, must be said.

Scribblenauts has always been a soft spot for a lot of us. So an HD, console-based adventure with online multiplayer and co-op, with new stuff to do, draw and write and new stories and experiences to explore and enjoy, you have my attention. Please don’t be rubbish. Please don’t be rubbish.

And on the back of the Disneyland Experience comes Nintendo Land, a fully immersive theme park based on a dozen or so key Nintendo franchises. Basically, it’s Mario PArty but with a stronger emphasis on online functionality and play. It’s also dangerously saccharine  and uber-cutesy.

I’ll talk more about this tomorrow when I run down disappointments this year, because Nintendo was a big anti-climax to a really good show.

Damn you Reggie. And it started off so well.


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