July 2, 2022
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Well, with no major mishaps this year (except the low Vita sales, which they deftly avoided), it seemed like Sony could breathe easy this time around, but what new games did they show off during the ninety minutes we spent in the company of Jack Tretton? One final rundown for today, after the jump…


Sony, for as much as we lambast them these days, are really into the whole gaming thing. So it is no surprise that they had some nice stuff to show us this year, including the return of an old friend and a presentation of one of the hottest, most exciting new horror games in years. Yup. This is what went down;

For all the lies over Heavy Rain being so successful, it was the start of deeper storytelling in a game. And Beyond, starring Ellen Page, looks set to bring a deep and immersive story to a slick, polished and suspenseful game. Who is this mysterious girl? Who is this guardian angel? And what does, indeed, lie beyond…

It’s not easy to do a clone of an already successful game like Smash Bros. But Sony aren’t ones to run from a bad idea, and here we have it – score points, charge supers and all. With two new characters revealed – Nathan Drake and Big Daddy from BioShock, we will see how this one turns out when Nintendo show off the new Smash Bros.

The Call of Duty saga gets its first Vita spin-off, a fully-fledged first person shooter designed to take full advantage of the hardware and networking capabilities of the Vita. Not much in the way of gameplay over this yet, so expect some more about this in the months running up to Christmas, where Black Ops 2 is set to be released.

Augmented Reality – Nintendo got there first, and now Sony are trying their hands at it with the PS3, EyeToy and Move. With a book written by J.K. Rowling, set in Hogwarts, it sounds like a really good idea – until you realise all the components needed for it are all sold separately.  Come on Sony. You can’t spin your way out of that one.

How lovely to see Kratos back again, and picking up right away where he left off, which is always nice. Not much about the game, the story or the locale but we saw Kratos fighting Goat Men, an Elephant Demon and a Kraken in the intro area – all with new attack spells, time manipulation spells and more. This shouldn’t disappoint.

This was the game we were waiting for. Without question, for me, the one game that makes me want to stuff my money into Sony’s mouth. A survival horror, with the emphasis on survival in a ruined, desolate world, fighting for your life against monsters – be they mutant or human. This is a big deal. And it is the one game that will shift PS3 units.

That was it though.

One last thought here however – I know, I know, but it has to be said that The Last Guardian was once again noticeable by its complete absence.  I have been itching for information on this epic from Team Ico, especially since their recent studio woes, and now I am concerned by what is going on. Not even a reference, a mention. That is scary for a game that many gamers have been waiting on now for five years. Come on Sony. If it’s cancelled, tell us. We’re big boys now. We can take it.


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