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This would be my reaction to playing Bloodforge.

KOG Quickie – Bloodforge

You know, next time someone tells me a game is “truly, catastrophically bad”, I’ll just pay attention to them. Bloodforge is a budget God of War clone minus every single charming, redeeming or decent thing about it. Yes, it’s a cheap downloadable game. But that’s its only single saving grave. It’s a truly dire title. […]

KOG Quickie – Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 2

Oh shoot me now. Please. Sega, we love you but this treatment of Sonic has to stop! With distinctly annoying boss fights, train-wreck level pacing and Tails managing to be so annoying you want to hang him up by his tails, Episode 2 has been a long wait for the same old Sonic treatment. For […]

Link, he come to save the Princess Zelda

Future-proofing and Evolution

Nintendo has stated publicly that they are looking to an “evolution” of the controls for the new Legend of Zelda for the Wii-U. But can games really evolve on a whim like this, or has the industry become obsessed with change for the sake of it, without future-proofing these games when they have the opportunity?

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