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Yes, the slider is broken.

The recent WordPress update has broken my lovely lovely slider! Noooooo! I’ve tried the hack job on the code and it didn’t work, so I’m waiting on the actual theme update and then it should all be awesome and work. I’ll make sure it’s fixed as soon as the update becomes available for me to do […]

Young Lara - she's so sweet! Like my little sister was at 16. D'aww.

Oh Games Industry, Do Grow Up!

We’re bombarded with 18-rated games, bloodthirsty carnage and boundary-pushing storylines. Even Ron Rosenburg tried to suggest Lara would be sexually assaulted in the next Tomb Raider. Brew all this together with bad language, hard rock and hip-hop and what do you have? Mature Gaming? Don’t make me laugh.

If only it were this easy...

Operation: Apologies and indeed, Ow.

This week has been a bit slow not least because I have been in and out of hospital. A minor operation has turned into a major headache and it has left me in a position where I am tired, sweaty and generally rather unwell. But I am up again, and a little more lucid, so […]

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