July 2, 2022
If only it were this easy...

Operation: Apologies and indeed, Ow.

This week has been a bit slow not least because I have been in and out of hospital. A minor operation has turned into a major headache and it has left me in a position where I am tired, sweaty and generally rather unwell. But I am up again, and a little more lucid, so let’s blog about it! Woo! Gory stuff!

It’s true, on Saturday 9th I went into hospital for what was meant to be a pretty minor procedure.

Hydroceles aren’t especially deadly or uncommon – you can find sources about them on Google, but just think of them as balloons full of water. There are spots in the body where tissue can separate and the body begins drip-drip-dripping fluid into it over time, and so the tissue separates more and the skin and soft tissues nearby are stretched and pushed beyond their normal¬†parameters.

Mine had over 700ml of fluid in it, which was too much, and as such they quickly arranged for me to have a minor procedure to drain off the fluid and repair the hydrocele itself. The operation was smooth, and took less than an hour. The recovery, sad to say, may be a damn slight bit longer – the wound got infected.

Considering the rather awkward nature of where the wound is, this has meant this week has been a bit of a nightmare. For a start, I know have no choice but to use a walking stick/crutch to get around. My steps are tiny, and the pain is still pretty intensive. The wound – as you’d expect – leaks quite a bit, so I have to change those dressings every 8 hours, which means getting up and looking at the wound and cleaning it – antiseptic stuff, no less, and trust me, it burns it burns like battery acid! Do NOT EVER DO THIS WILLINGLY! It is not masochistically enjoyable. I AM a masochist. I do not find this enjoyable. That should be enough to demonstrate this is NOT FUN.

It’s also meant sleep problems, the antibiotics (flucloxacillin) have ensured my tummy is as barren a wasteland as the Sahara and that I’ve had far bigger problems this week then to keep on top of news and opinions.

For this, I am sort of sorry. I didn’t really expect things to go this bad.

But I am up and about and therefore I am going to catch up, do some writing and have a laugh. Lollipop Chainsaw has literally as I type just arrived via the postman so that is something else for me to be enjoying over the weekend, well I say “enjoying”, you never really know with me. I have a big mug of Ovaltine, visits from the community nurse and district nurse (cute vs matronly) and someone delivering a big pile of Banana Milkshake Complan as well, just to make sure in the next few days whilst I finish my flucloxacillin that I am at least getting something nutritionally balanced into my system.

I’ve also learned that you can never really be sure how something will go out. Horror stories happen, and however minor or routine something is, you can never be 100% sure. That’s the nature of the world. Nothing is ever set in stone, so bloody get out there and enjoy things all y’all. Take risks. Have fun. Life is short – why have regrets? *booking a skydiving holiday for next year*

Take care, and I’ll do another blog post in a few days.


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