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Let's be honest, this was Nintendo's biggest gaming mistake...

Making “Misstaxe”.

Twice in two days? Holy moly! I’m avoiding the Olympics to bring you another soapbox piece – about mistakes. We all make them. Some more publicly than others (don’t ever ask me about my very public Soul Calibur 4 meltdown!). But its how we take those mistakes forward that reflects our true worth…

No single raindrop thinks it is responsible for the flood...

The Blame Game

I know this is late but I spent Friday with a stomach in massive pain. Turns out I put too much chilli in a salad dressing and spent the majority of the day competing for gold in Hurling. Anyway, this weekend’s topic is whether we can put all the blame on games for modern societal […]

Of Dark Souls And Great Stories.

I won’t be the person who proclaims everyone should love Dark Souls. By its very concept, the game is incredibly divisive amongst the gaming community, some like its challenge and others falter in its wake. But for me, Dark Souls can be appreciated by all – because it’s a fantastic story. Spoilers? Lots of them!

Cheap excuse to use an X-Files reference? Oh hell yes!

Inconvenient Truth

When journalists want to pull people in, they use snappy headlines and selective quotations. But today saw EA come under fire, as is normal, but this time the quotes being used were contextually misleading – claiming something very different overall to the actual point. Truth? Can we handle the truth?

A lady expressing her displeasure. There was a far more NSFW version, but that many swears on an Alfa Romeo just made me sad.

The Spirit Of Breaking The Rules.

The upcoming DLC and update to last years surprising hit Dark Souls raises some pertinent questions as to the PvP aspect it. Currently the starter areas are unplayable online as a result of “exploits” by unscrupulous players. But should we be surprised people don’t play to the spirit of games?

Ouya, Duffman does NOT endorse this product!

Ouya and The Great Expectations.

Unless like me you’ve been deprived of news for the last few days, it will be hard to ignore the presence of Ouya – an android based games console that is sending ripples of excitement through the industry. However, when it comes to consumers and the games they want… oh dear. This may not end […]

Bottom five games. Get out your turd polish!

Bottom Five Games of the Year… So Far.

And here’s the B-Side. Still clinging on for dear life to Mark Kermode’s tails (I will not let go I will never let go!), my homage continues to him in my bottom five games of the year so far. And what worries me is that this is going to be considerably easier than the top […]

Top Five of the Year So Far. Yay for good games!

Top Five Games of the Year… So Far

As ever trailing and clinging on to the coat tails of Dr. Mark Kermode (I WUVS JOO!), he has done his top and bottom five films of the year so far. And in my typical style, this is my homage to the great man himself. So shall we get on with it then? Yes? Good. […]

This has been doing the rounds for a while. I've wanted to use it for a while too. Yay!

Patently Ridiculous!

As the Patent Wars have been getting ever louder and ever more strange, as companies buy patents from each other to sue some other company, it seems that the United Nations has had enough and has stepped in to the smartphone makers to calm them down. The UN? Negotiating on patents? God help us all…

Cloud Saves - oh wait, wrong joke wrong article...

Improper Proprietary

So Square-Enix are the latest to demand users only use their own DRM-laden Proprietary Digital Media Downloader, but this time it’s for arguably one of the hottest games ever made – the re-release of Final Fantasy 7. But isn’t this an improper usage of proprietary media download services? Let’s look at the evidence.

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