July 2, 2022

Blog – How I Hate Hospitals

The blog has been a bit slow the last few weeks, but there is a very good reason – I’m not spending more than a day or two at home before I am rushed back into hospital again. And I’ve started to get an irrational hatred of hospitals and medical staff. Annoyed? Hell yes I am!


Yeah, I hate hospitals.

It’s been a rough few weeks as the whole process of “healing” has sort of escaped my reality for the moment. My right leg is giving way too much, my lower back aches more than ever before and the swelling where the hydrocele used to be has receded and unveiled a new happy lump that no-one knows what it could be. Oh joy! Yes, the C-Word has been used. Biopsies first, word later please.

I guess one thing I am missing though is the internet access. Having to pay money for just a few hours of WiFi access in a hospital is frustrating.

It also means I’ve not had a lot of time to play new PC games or PS3/360 games. But I have had more use out of my 3DS than I’ve had so far. I’ve spent more on the e-shop than I’d usually have spent, when I get home I make sure to download one or two new games for my time in hospital. It’s just easier and more reliable right now.

I kind of miss just being able to go for a walk, just on a whim, to clear my head. Having to rely on a crutch or walking stick, depending on how my leg is holding up, is infuriating and I am now more sympathetic to people I see with such things. People are jerks, barging in or getting huffy because your crutch means you take up more room on a pavement or in a supermarket aisle. Well EXCUUUUUUSE ME Princess, I didn’t exactly sodding ASK for this. It’s kind of a problem I have to deal with. Maybe we should break your kneecaps with this crutch and then you can get some perspective on the other side.

On the upside, I’ve had to swear off MMOs for the moment. I’ll be relying on friends to convey to me what they think of the latest releases, hopefully eventually I’ll be in a position where I can sit down and play them for a little while. But that’s kind of not possible right now. So I’ll be kind of trying to keep up as and when I can.

Please don’t think I hate doctors or nurses though. So far, they’ve been very nice and cheerful with me. It’s just the waiting, the staff in between, those running the show who all have the poise, grace and charm of a drunk rhino whose pint you just spilt. They’re the people who you wait around for, wait on, and watch as they sit behind a desk chatting away whilst some people are in pain and crying and bleeding.

Those staff can go to hell. More nurses and doctors please!


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