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Spirits Within. Uncanny Valley at it's finest, people!

Uncanny Valley and Gaming.

Today, Warren Spector called upon John Carmack and Tim Sweeney, two of the industries major programming superstars, to make AI better. And the man does have a point about AI, although talk is cheap in his case. Poor AI is detrimental to the progress of realism – and it’s down to Uncanny Valley.

Yes people, that is shredded money. It's how money is officially disposed of.

New IPs, Old Money.

A look across the gaming landscape sees the revival of Pitfall incoming and of course, word of another Silent Hill. But really, we all know how these things generally end – i.e. not well at all. With UbiSoft claiming new tech breeds new property, one has to ask – why can’t we just do that […]

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