October 24, 2021
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Happy 25th Birthday, Street Fighter.

Today marks 25 years since Capcom first brought us a Street Fighter game. And it’s been a long and winding road, however let us try to forget those movies (even the one with Kylie Minogue in it!) and look at for me the defining moment in its history – when Jackie Chan dressed as Chun Li!


On August 30th 1987, Capcom took Street Fighter to the arcades.

Twenty five years later, I think we can safely say that it’s been a good thing. Not that it has always been a smooth ride, of course, but hell, everyone slips up now and then. From Ken and Ryu to Ibuki, Dan and newcomers C. Viper and Jun, the franchise has always prided and indeed, sold itself on the characters in its game. One of the few games to realise early on that its about making people like the characters, and Chun Li was a character everyone wanted to be – or be with.

Street Fighter has had its ups and downs – it’s not always got the tuning right, and early combos and the like were more exploits by the playerbase that Capcom needed to address, or in this case, assimilate into its design. The game has changed and been changing constantly with the world we live in, and what gamers like and enjoy.

There are plenty of other tributes, but for me, Street Fighter reminds me of one scene in City Hunter. A classic, rubbish movie with a tribute to the series that you’ll never really forget.

And Jackie Chan does make a disturbingly GOOD Chun Li!

City Hunter – Jackie Chan makes a good Chun Li…

So happy birthday Street Fighter! Here’s to another 25 years of over the top cartoonish brawling. We still love you… even if we haven’t quite forgiven you for that live action movie. Seriously, JCVD and Kylie getting it on is a mental image I am trying not to let into my head…


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