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Are We Scared Yet?

This year for movies sees more horror than usual – from Noel Clarke’s “Storage 24” to “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”. But when it comes to horror games, is it right that a re-release of a ten year old game is still potentially this years scariest gaming experience? Where did the scary go in scary games?

Those Big Budget Holiday Romances…

With the Christmas Glut fast approaching like a raging herd of mutant buffalo, it’s easy to get exasperated over the concept of there being very few shining gems amongst everything being released. But I don’t mind some of the rough ones. It just makes me appreciate the gems and I still have fun on the […]

Stay Safe from Sandy!

It’s easy to forget I’m sitting in the UK at 6am with a mug of tea and a slice of hot buttered toast. But Hurricane Sandy is hitting the US, and to everyone over there – please, don’t be stupid! That’s my role! Hope you all get back to normal fairly soon. Here’s a picture […]

We interrupt this blog for these important messages

Advertising. An important source of cash and revenue for those who need it, and yet a cruel and twisted double-edged sword. As the last few days has seen, it can be hard to be seen as impartial as well. But as advertising infiltrates everything, perhaps now is a good time to look at it and […]

Ow, those hits hurt! :P

To further imply my utter ineptitude at life these days, I got some pretty hefty traffic the last couple of days which implied that whilst I may be okay with words, WordPress I am less adept at. Now please don’t misunderstand, that’s kind of… nice, I guess? Branching out and commenting on other peoples blogs […]

Please Spare Sif!

I make no secret of my love of the deep and complex game that is Dark Souls. But there is only one thing I would change in the games¬†entirety; Sif, The Great Grey Wolf. A source of awe and sadness as a necessary boss fight. Come on FROM Software. Save Sif! I’ll do anything… (Spoilers […]

The Streisand Effect – Super Eurogamer Edition EX+@.

Yup, another stupid little blog and EG long-time poster trying desperately to make sense of an otherwise impossible situation. Except I don’t particularly want to talk about the article or the fallout, but rather point out that once again, The Streisand Effect is an impossible force to ignore these days…

It’s a personal blog update! OMG!

Wow, I’m updating the personal blog bit! I did consider removing it, but meh, it’s here for a reason, right? So, health wise – still shaky. I am getting better – slowly, as much as a manic-depressive who has a leg that feels like it weighs a ton can do. It’s not likely I’ll recover […]

Second Chances

Final Fantasy XIV 2.0 joins Alan Wake in modern games that are getting that most unusual of things – a second chance to make an impression. In an industry that is all about the initial Honeymoon Period on a games release, is it now time to re-evaluate how a games success is judged?

Games Consoles should do Games First.

With all the hype for next-generation media hub interaction, perhaps the greatest threat to games consoles is that for some reason, the gaming aspect is being thrust further aside to make way for more sponsored media apps and technology. But don’t we generally buy games consoles for… well… games?

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