October 24, 2021

It’s a personal blog update! OMG!

Wow, I’m updating the personal blog bit! I did consider removing it, but meh, it’s here for a reason, right?

So, health wise – still shaky. I am getting better – slowly, as much as a manic-depressive who has a leg that feels like it weighs a ton can do. It’s not likely I’ll recover but you know what? I am still alive, and I will adapt and overcome. Already had more than my fair share of personal problems in my life, what is one more to the mix? The way I see it, there are plenty more unfortunate people in a worse place than me. At least I have access to medical care, medication, physiotherapy and a roof over my head. You can’t always lament your situation when you know the world has people suffering far more than yourself. There is a point you take stock and think to yourself; “You know what? I’m luckier than most.” And you can’t say fairer than that.

Anyway, to all my new traffic and to those coming from the NES Portal – hi there! Hope you’re enjoying the essays. I still sometimes laugh that anyone actually reads this crap, but that’s just another thing I feel incredibly humble about as well. I’d be doing this even if no-one was visiting. It’s something I enjoy, and I will continue to enjoy doing. My brain still needs a creative outlet; I can’t always play games, because there’s a point you need to unscramble the mess in your head; a necessity for the likes of me even. It’s therapy, and cheaper than relying on the NHS to provide it.

You may have noticed the articles are slowly changing again; rather than add little images that weren’t adding much to the text, I have gone for larger ones to fit at certain intervals within the context of the dialogue. I don’t yet know if this is working or not and I will have to keep re-evaluating how it goes. We shall see. I quite like it.

I’m also considering a website look overhaul. This layout has been a nice one for me and I do like it, but like most themes it’s a bit of a pig to change when you want to personalise it a little. Again, I will see how it goes. Finding the right theme is hard.

Anyway, I am going to throw up some more KOG Quickies this week – it’s becoming something of a monthly update than the weekly or daily updates that I envisioned when I dreamt them up, but I do want to at least keep them going for the time being. Being a gaming blog, you do occasionally want to do some actual reviews and when you spend an hour to two hours writing an essay, then writing a review as well is not always the most tantalising of prospects. I’ve played a lot of games this month too – Resident Evil 6, Borderlands 2 and Dishonored, not to mention a lot of time in WoW: Mists of Pandaria. In the next month I wll be checking out the Final Fantasy XIV 2.0 Beta, Darkfall 2.0 and then of course the Wii-U will be upon us. It’s hard to really understate how big of a deal the Wii-U is. Plenty to tide me over, and I still have Pokemon Black 2 to be checking out.

I’ve also gone and started paying the extra couple of quid a month for proper spam protection. Dozens of comments a day and mostly all spam? I am not amused having to sift through them. Begone with you. Advertising will happen on my terms when it happens.

Anyway, it’s 3:15am here and I should have been in bed about five hours ago. I’ll go get some sleep and hopefully more inspiration will strike me along the way. That’s the funny thing about writing for me; it just… happens. And if it just happens, why stop it? Some would arguably give their right leg to be able to just let words fall out of their heads into their hands and out onto their keyboards. I continue to feel somewhat humbled that it happens, and thank everyone who stops by for a visit.

I appreciate the views. And wish you all all the happiness in the world.



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