July 2, 2022

Ow, those hits hurt! :P

To further imply my utter ineptitude at life these days, I got some pretty hefty traffic the last couple of days which implied that whilst I may be okay with words, WordPress I am less adept at.

Now please don’t misunderstand, that’s kind of… nice, I guess? Branching out and commenting on other peoples blogs and sites actually happens to work. Whodathunkit? (Everyone, but don’t mind me.) But of course, coasting so long on this site as is without much traffic is now throwing up some errors, many of which I’m trying to grapple with. I’ve had to reset some of the comment options, the guest comments in particular seemingly causing problems – checking out if that is an issue with the IntenseDebate plugin or not.

But other than that whew and woo. Hi there! Don’t mind me, I just don’t get many visitors so this place is a bit of a mess and needs a good clean-up. That’s all. No-one comes by and I just let it go to pot, now people are and it’s all gone to pot. Disorganised? Me? How did you ever work that one out? 😛

In any case, I’ll do some tuning but for the moment, I’ve shut off the “guest” comments. Please feel free to come by and register with any of the three options here – RealID, WordPress or IntenseDebate, and I’ll do my best to have a spring clean in October.

Stranger things have happened… okay, they haven’t but I live in hope!


I'm the big cheese here. Comment, subscribe, direct waves of hate at me - all the same. Just hope you've had some partial enjoyment here!

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