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So yeah, I have a Wii-U now.

It was delivered about lunchtime and it took a while to set up – seriously Nintendo, WHYYYYYYYYY-fi? Anyway, with that minor criticism on board and three games to have a go at, here’s what I think of my first six hours with Nintendo’s latest little bundle of fun and games…

Sexism – It’s A Thing. So let’s hear all sides.

With the #1reasonwhy hash-tag doing the rounds on Twitter, there’s a very good cause to be critical of how some women are still treated in the industry. But we need to take care we don’t abuse the ability to discuss this either, otherwise we might just end up undermining the whole argument in the first […]

My Take on Leveson

So, after millions of British taxpayers hard-earned pounds, months of statements from the press themselves and the victims of phone-hacking and the politicians who were involved, we have finally – over a year after it began – come to the conclusion of this independent and public analysation of media ethics and conduct of the British […]

Different Is Good.

With the UK release of the Wii-U at midnight tonight, the campaign of Nintendo abuse has settled on criticising the Miiverse concept and saying that because it isn’t like X-Box Live, or PSN, it must therefore be entirely rubbish. Except that’s not true is it? Different doesn’t mean worse… in fact, it can be quite […]

On Hate, And Hating.

Whilst I admit recently I’ve had some excess bile to share around, I’d like to take a step here to redress the balance and remind people that hate is a strong word – a powerful emotion devoid of logic and reason. I should know. And it’s why I can dislike things and people – but […]

Oh Mickey, What A Pity…

I am probably about to massively jump the shark. But I want to say it, be done with it and reason it through this hopeless sleepless night – Mickey Mouse. Disney, really, I think it’s about time you really let the poor chap go. The world is different. Don’t change him – let him retire […]

Retrospective delayed because I found Dino Crisis 3!

Yup, I was going to do something about The Old Republic but everyone was doing that this weekend so yeah, not special. Then today I find in a bunch of other retro games the mythical, legendarily bad Dino Crisis 3! And seriously, how can I NOT want it at a paltry £2! Now I just […]

Kickstarter vs. Microfinance

With the traffic to my Peter Molyneux post and a lot of discussion on Joystiq and elsewhere on this subject, I thought I could slow down this weekend and look at Kickstarter again from the perspective of whether or not it can be defined as Microfinance, and if it may have been hijacked by unscrupulous […]

The Wii-U; Pre-purchase jitters!

With only a week to go until I get my hands on a Wii-U proper, I find myself having that horrible sinking feeling that usually accompanies any major purchase; this is £300 of my money, after all. What if I don’t like it? What if third parties end up abandoning it? And where are Nintendo’s […]

Is Sony really now ‘Junk’?

Today saw both Sony and Panasonic have their credit ratings downgraded to effectively ‘junk’ status. But why should we give a damn about this? What do these ratings say about the current state of affairs within Sony and the future of the Playstation brand? Grab a cup of coffee from the counter and I’ll begin…

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