Archive for November 5th, 2012

‘Mountain’ Costs? HAH!

As Halo 4 releases with more branded advertising and sponsors than you’d reasonably expect, Microsoft stubbornly seems to tell us it HAS to do this. It has to use lowest denominator junk sponsors in order to make any money. Except, you know, it’s all lies, isn’t it? You know it. They know it. We all […]

I Done Goofed A Bit…

As you may have noticed, there’s a slight issue. I kind of… accidentally loaded a theme before it was ready. And now there’s a lot of… well… it’s not pretty, well not yet. But I have coffee and I am going to spend all day making sure I get this right before I get any […]

Looking Back At… Harvest Moon (Super Nintendo)

I am going to start doing a weekly look back at some old, classic games. Not always games I like, not always games I respect, but games I feel are worthy of being discussed and remembered. This week, I’m taking on Natsume’s classic Super Nintendo farming simulation, Harvest Moon.

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