July 2, 2022

I Done Goofed A Bit…

As you may have noticed, there’s a slight issue. I kind of… accidentally loaded a theme before it was ready. And now there’s a lot of… well… it’s not pretty, well not yet. But I have coffee and I am going to spend all day making sure I get this right before I get any sleep. So… please bear with me. Sorry it’s a bit… messy. I am cleaning up!

edit; I’ve managed to repair most of the damage and it should be business as usual. I still need to go back and assign categories to older posts from 3+ months ago, but I will get on with that over the next day or two. It’s tedious stuff and I have games to play and stuff to write, so enjoy for the moment and I will sort things out.


I'm the big cheese here. Comment, subscribe, direct waves of hate at me - all the same. Just hope you've had some partial enjoyment here!

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