September 24, 2021

Been a funny couple of days…

Okay, for a start, yes. I’ve been in one of those funny moods lately that has me giggling like a naughty schoolgirl over the most inappropriate times and things. I think it’s out of my system for the moment, swings and roundabouts with me and my moods. But I have to weather them, because there’s bugger all I can really do about it save let nature and the chemicals/hormones in my brain just run their course. Just to point out: Bipolar Disorder is not cool. It’s not fun. And it’s not an easy excuse. It’s a problem, and one people like me will always be struggling with. For every Stephen Fry, there’s someone like me struggling every day, not knowing what sort of person they will be the next time they wake up. It’s disorientating. The drugs do help, but Mirtazapine is a right b****. The only reason I have to take it is I reacted adversely to everything else that they had thrown at be before. Kind of the last-ditch effort to find something that didn’t leave me incapable of reading, writing and eating.

Anyway, hello again and sorry about the whole mood thing and the whole blog re-jig thing. Things are going okay otherwise for the moment though, which is good.

Today I’ve talked about BioWare (and why I think they should be very worried!) but as you can tell, it’s a little… bland right now. I know lots may want to tackle the whole Assassin’s Creed 3 ending thing – I know, I have spoilered it for myself, it’s very Mass Effect 3 – but there’s the thing. It’s very Mass Effect 3. Divisive. But if people bitch and moan for a third way, then no-one is going to be happy. Let it go. Seriously, the game is fun. Desmond has had a bloody good innings. Let. It. Go.

And there are other things but they’re not really worth discussing much. So it’s kind of that awkward situation where I’m not sure what to do and have to wait for something to happen. No doubt I won’t have to wait for very long – the Christmas rush is coming, THQ stock has plummeted again striking fear into the hearts of investors (seriously, I will talk about THQ when they fail. Note I said ‘when’ and not ‘if’. They’ve avoided the reaper this long but it will catch up with them. You can’t sell off your entire portfolio. No-one wants to invest in a company which has no property of its own anymore…), the Wii-U is coming out in three weeks time and Activision-Blizzard made money, although with Diablo 3 and Pandaria in the same year, one has to be a little sarcastic and go, “No, really? REALLY really? I’d never have guessed by releasing TWO games in a year you’d make lots of money!”

There might be some latent silliness left in me to pad out a couple more days though. We’ll see what happens. But thanks for reading and your patience. Things will brighten up again very soon.

Peace and cupcakes, Kami.


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