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That Sense Of Achievement

It would be quite easy to forget that before this generation, we simply did not have Achievements or Trophies tied into our games arbitrarily. Nintendo have taken the choice to not force achievements into its new online service, and all in all, I think that might be a very intelligent decision. That everyone will hate.

On the BBC Scandal

I find the whole thing a little ludicrous, to be honest with you. Now, I am one of those who was shocked at the depth and breadth of the scale of the abuse that the likes of Jimmy Saville managed to get away with for such a long period of time, because that rabbit hole […]

FFXIV 1.0 – Ending with a Bang… and a Whimper!

Who doesn’t want to party like it is the end of the world? As Final Fantasy XIV 1.0 came to an end, we were all treated in some capacity to a quite amazing CG trailer for the future. It’s just a shame that as for a proper ending inside the game, not everything worked out […]

Looking Back At… Doom 64.

It wasn’t that long ago I wrote about my dislike of Doom 3. So to sort of counter the aggressive tone I had for that game, I’m taking a moment to look back at the Nintendo 64 version, also a game I never quite appreciated at the time but perhaps do more now. So let’s […]

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