July 3, 2022

Medicinal Maladies!

You have to admit, there’s something quite worrying when you’re prescribed something to counter the side effect to something else!

That was the fun part today when I got a nice new heap of tablets to sort of replace others. Co-Codamol is obviously for the pain side of things but then comes Naproxen – effectively an anti-inflammatory much like ibuprofen but a little more potent. Sadly, it also seems to cause other stomach issues so in comes Omeprazole to keep my stomach from enacting its own rebellion! Add this to the Mirtazapine and it’s a pretty potent cocktail.

Unfortunately, seeing as it is the first day, I am not exactly feeling amazing nor focused with them, so today there are no blog posts. Nor tomorrow, as I have some guests to accommodate  so normal ramblings will commence again on Saturday after I’ve had a good day or two to make sure things are settled. On the upside of it, I get to settle down and get comfy with some games and there’s absolutely no shame in that!

Take care and see you over the weekend!


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