October 25, 2021

More maladies! FML.

Yup, things aren’t quite going brilliantly as finally it would appear my lower right leg has finally decided it’s time to make its move. The skin is now breaking, cracking, blistering and getting itself nice and infected. It’s about time because I was getting the impression doctors might have stopped taking the problem seriously. Now they can’t, so yay for that. But boo to the burning sensation. And hiss to Flucloxacillin. “Mild gastrointestinal distress” my eye. It’s felt as though someone has kicked me in the stomach.

Anyway, with the Wii-U now out in the US (and a considerable waiting list in many places) it would appear that any negatives that people had about Nintendo have been outweighed by the desperate rush to get the latest gadget, and that’s sort of the deal with Nintendo. They always seem to do something novel that makes people want it so there was no real surprise that it would do very well for Nintendo over the Christmas period. With UK shipments due out next week, I will not have long to wait before I get my hands on my own Wii-U and experience it properly for myself in the comfort of my own home. Considering my deep love for Dark Souls, Zombi-U is kind of the main thing I want to try out. But I will certainly give NintendoLand a shot as well; I am all about trying to find some good in the things I’m not convinced about, after all…

Right now, I am quietly relaxing though. This weeks retrospective is up and I am sorry about the delay in it. Likewise, I’ll just leave a few comments on recent gaming stuff here;

* So BioWare wants the community to decide the future direction of Mass Effect. Isn’t that a really bad idea when they couldn’t agree on the endings?
* COD’s Nuketown map has gone AWOL. Fans are not happy as they were told it was a pre-order bonus, not a timed bonus. They’re not having a smooth time of it, are they?
* Microsoft want to do a charge by-the-hour Karaoke app for the 360. I think people might still prefer to buy their music not rent it. But we will see.
* Jailed ArmA 3 devs have been refused bail in Greece. I still consider it a bit heavy-handed. But at the same time, thems the laws of the land. Ignorance is no excuse…
* And Blizzard want the fan-registered Heroes of Warcraft domain and are trying to get it by force. Which won’t do their image or reputation any good at all, will it?

Anyway, that’s all from me for now. I am now going to go for a lie down. On the upside, everything is clean and I’m actually feeling alright apart from the pressing current problems.

I’ll try and do some more stuff tomorrow.



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