October 24, 2021

Retrospective delayed because I found Dino Crisis 3!

Yup, I was going to do something about The Old Republic but everyone was doing that this weekend so yeah, not special. Then today I find in a bunch of other retro games the mythical, legendarily bad Dino Crisis 3! And seriously, how can I NOT want it at a paltry £2! Now I just have to play it!


So yeah, not much to say today. I had to go out to get my hair cut (which today is a full-on Mohawk because I never had the time or inkling to dick about with it in my teens and twenties. So making up for lost time!) and nipped into the games shop a couple doors down. And suddenly, Dino Crisis 3 was in amongst their X-Box/PS2 stuff!

Now I’ve heard the horror stories about it. Genuinely, I’m not going into Dino Crisis 3 with any real high hopes for a good game. But I just want to know how bad is it. Is it truly bad or catastrophically terrible? Well, this week I think I might be about to find out!

Other than that, schedule returns to normal maybe later tonight or early tomorrow. I’ve got games to be playing, and a backlog that isn’t getting any smaller. With the Wii-U out this weekend, I think I may have to concede defeat here. Which is fine, because January > March should be quiet enough for me to burn through some of them. March being the month which everyone moved their big name titles into to avoid competing with the usual Christmas fare.

When I’m done with Dino Crisis 3… I dunno. I might end up doing a poll asking what should be done with it. Seems like a fair thing to do.

Later then,



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