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In 2013 I want the following games...

The Kami’s 2012 – What to Watch in 2013!

And time for my very last blog post of 2012, in which I sit down and look onwards to the next twelve months of gaming, and talk about which games have caught my eye. So, let’s end on a pleasant note and talk about these interesting and exciting games that have so many hoping 2013 […]

And this years winners are...

The Kami’s 2012 – The Top Ten Games of 2012

And so we come to the zenith of a yearly awards scheme, when we rejoice in the fantastic games which we have enjoyed throughout the year. For all the horridness that this year has brought us, arguably it has also brought with it some of the best games in years, and today I reward some […]

I r Disappointed

The Kami’s 2012 – The 10 Most Disappointing Games of the Year

It’s time for day two of my actual “awards”, and today it is time for me to focus on the most disappointing games of the year. Not so much terrible and bad, though they might be, but games that had the opportunity to do some truly great things. And then failed in the process. Time […]

The Kami’s 2012 – The 10 Worst Games of 2012.

Hope you all had a stonkingly good Christmas, and now I am about to utterly ruin any feelings of joy and goodwill you may have by descending into the turgid, insipid and frankly disgusting games of the last twelve months. Here, for you, is my ten worst games of the year – there may be […]

It's Christmas! Extra points if you yelled this Slade-style.

Christmas 2012 – What to get the gamer who has ‘everything’…

So, the last post before Christmas, and it’s about Christmas presents! Oh joy of joys! No, I’m not asking any of you to buy me goodies (although I assume some I know certainly WILL be reading this with curiosity and panic…), but just a general gift guide for the gaming sort who kind of keeps […]

Bullshit courtesy of The Sun.

Violent Games and the Media. We’re doing this again.

Yup, I was hoping that this wouldn’t happen and I wouldn’t have to talk about the horrendous events at Sandy Hook over the last few days. But it seems that yup, once again the media has other ideas and must tout the reasoning behind the killers drive as an obsession with Call of Duty. Oh […]

The Kami’s 2012 – The Year Gaming Grew Up!

Today let’s lighten the mood. This was going to be a list, but eventually it became clear that really, you could put ten or fifteen great things in a list and they would all have one common theme – gaming grew up. We had a dip in the middle of the year but it all […]

Needed a few days…

Hey people! Just a short blog post. It’s winter, and I have a bit of a head-cold that has left me not really able to think all that straight, so I have been slacking. Or rather, sitting in bed playing games. It’s a gaming blog, what else do you expect me to be doing when […]

They chose... poorly! (And yes, yes, yes I have been waiting for a reason to use this pun STOP JUDGING MEEEEEE!)

The Kami’s 2012 – Five of the Worst Developments in Gaming.

In the run-up to my end of year “awards ceremony”, I’ve decided to do a few articles in the run-up to my best (and worst) games of the year. In this, today I am going to focus on five news snippets that truly made the gaming world look pretty awful. Something tells me that Lara […]

Board Games? Or Bored Games?

‘Tis the season for goodwill to all men, or so they say. So here’s a really valid question; rather than get together and have fun, why do some people insist the best way to do this is argue with each other and fall out over something as stupid as a board game? Really, I don’t […]

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